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Welcome to Bee's Knees Bodyworks, artisanal luxuries for your skin. I do hope you'll buzz around the site for a bit!


Our motto is: Good. Clean. Fun. ...

 Good - Every ingredient that we use is of the highest cosmetic grade quality. We carefully choose the most beneficial ingredients for each product, such as shea butter (super moisturizing), calendula oil (healing), chamomile (soothing), aloe vera (healing & soothing), plus vitamins and therapeutic essential oils, using organic whenever possible. Our products are all at least 95% natural.


Clean – We know about ‘eating clean’, not eating over-processed foods, so how about not putting chemicals and over-processed products on the largest organ of our bodies – our skin! Our products are proudly:

  1. ** sulfate free *

  2. ** paraben free *

  3. ** phthalate free *

  4. ** petrochemical free *


Fun – Bathing and caring for your skin should be an enjoyable experience, that’s why we take care in choosing and designing pleasing packaging, using the very best essential and fragrance oils and the best natural ingredients for your pleasure!



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